Is Mansur Gavriel Debuting Another "It" Bag?

In the history of handbags, there's been few that have stormed onto center stage quite like Mansur Gavriel's bucket bag in 2014. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, those black bags with red lining were everywhere. It was almost impossible to hop on Instagram without seeing a new blogger or very (very) wealthy friend adding the bag to her collection. Sure, it's hard to imagine the brand can recreate the type of magic that went along with the obsessed-over bucket bag, but if you thought they were just going to stop with one success story, you were wrong. Mansur Gavriel is coming out with a new style of bag for fall, and while no one knows if it will be quite as huge as the bucket bag, one thing is for sure: It's going to be very, very pricey.

According to Racked, Mansur Gavriel not only has a new bag lined up for fall, but a new color as well — a fun, warm blush color. A new style from the brand is called the "Lady" bag and looks sort of like a cross between an oversized tote bag and a backpack. The Lady comes in all of the original Masur Gavriel shades, and hopefully the new peachy shade as well. Oh — and there's one more new style in store for Mansur Gavriel fans. The new, cross-body "Flap" bag, looks likes every girl's dream everyday bag. Well, you know, if you're the type of girl whose everyday bag costs around $1,000. Yup, like the bucket bag, these aren't exactly a steal. However, they are pretty fabulous. And gorgeous. See for yourself.