You Can Now Buy NYFW Show Tickets from a Scalper

We all know the feeling of a concert or sporting event being sold out and having to resort to scalpers (which always taunt higher prices), but whatever! Desperate times call for desperate measures. The latest event to be scalped, though, is slightly bizarre. New York Fashion Week has it's own scalper, and what people are willing to pay for a mere 15 minute fashion show is slightly unnerving.

The Wall Street consultant, who keeps himself anonymous, sells tickets to "invite-only" shows on the app Shout with prices ranging from $180 (okay, fine), to $1,300 a pop (holy whoa!). He apparently doesn't take a commission, and gives the money back to the original ticket holders. So he's like, the good samaritan of fashion or something. Allegedly.

Fashion's most influential and relevant players of course receive personal (and free) invitations to these shows, so those uninvited resorting to such pricey measures are, according to the scalper, aspiring fashion bloggers. Which is kind of funny and sad all at once.

I get it, fashion week is the "see and be seen" of all NYC social events, and $180 isn't going to necessarily break your bank, but dishing out over a grand for a few Instagram snaps doesn't really seem worth it to me. Save your scalping money for things that really matter. You know, like a One Direction concert or something.

Images: Getty Images; Giphy