Ship Your Friends 1,500 Live Ladybugs

It's so difficult to buy your friends gifts these days, particularly the friends who already seem to "have it all". Once you have a proper wine bottle opener and a Netflix subscription, is there anything you can really give a person that will make their lives actually better? Well, fret not, gift-givers of the world, because your struggle just got a whole lot easier now that you can ship your friends 1,500 live ladybugs. Finally, something they not only desperately need, but will cherish for the rest of their lives!!

Really, though, as pleased as I am to see a ladybug in the wild (it means good luck, and I'm going to need all the luck I can get tricking Katy Perry into thinking I'm one of her dancers at the next Super Bowl), I'm not sure anyone would necessarily be overjoyed at 1500 new pets showing up at their doorstep. And before you ask, yes, they are guaranteed to all be alive when they get there. (I mean, that's a fair question. Gross and morbid, but fair.)

It seems these ladybugs do have practical use beyond super freaking out the friend you send them to: Ladybugs are highly skilled at eating plant predators in gardens and might thus be useful to teachers who need them for school projects. Depending on whether or not the receiver is an insect enthusiast, this has the potential to be an adorable springtime gift or a move as nefarious as shipping glitter to your enemies. Betting it's more the latter; Even someone who digs bugs isn't going to be thrilled when LITERAL THOUSANDS of them show up at their door. Not cute. Regardless, better make your move fast, because for some reason they're on sale for the price of $3.85!

Images: Getty Images; Amazon; Giphy