14 Celebs Who Prove There's Always Hope

You probably have a few photos propped up around your mom’s house documenting some of the most regrettable moments during your transition into a fully (or at least partially) functional adult. Despite wanting to rip them from their frames and burn the last of the evidence of your awkward adolescence, even our idols must endure this unfortunate phase, as evidenced by “14 Celebs Who Prove There's Always Hope.” BuzzFeed’s managed to dig up some jarring childhood photographs of our favorite stars to brush your ego and placate your chagrin.

None of us is truly #flawless (even Queen Bey). Maybe you had braces (or...headgear?). Maybe you sported the en vogue screen printed t-shirts in a babydoll cut that were popular in the early 2000s. Did you crimp your hair? (Of course you did.) We all had the acne, we were all strange and uncomfortable to be around, and we all had to smile for mandatory class photos once or twice a year — a policy that should honestly be barred for its implications of semi-permanent embarrassment. Even George Clooney had his moment (his childhood picture kind of brings to mind a young Jeffrey Dahmer, just sayin’).

This video is all of us. Take a look for yourself below.

Image: Kletr/Fotolia