The Oscars' Best Behind-The-Scenes Looks Prove That You Should Be Majorly Excited For This Show — PHOTOS

We'll all have to wait until Sunday to actually witness this year's Oscar ceremony, but that doesn't mean we can't fill the time until then living vicariously anyway. Case-in-point: the official Oscars twitter account has been leaving us all kinds of behind-the-scenes breadcrumbs, alternately teasing juicy things to come and just showing us what the process is like in building the biggest show of the year. You have to imagine it's a stressful occasion for all the production assistants, directors, producers, and crew involved in making it what it is — albeit also one filled with little gems scattered throughout.

For example: Why are Anna Kendrick and Kevin Hart sitting on either side of a turtle? What's going on with that? As far as I know there were not any majorly turtle-centric films in contention for Oscars this year, and reptiles aren't the best when it comes to musical numbers — though I suppose they haven't proven themselves the worst, either. They're probably better on a stage than most fish?

Regardless of the role Shelly the turtle will be playing in Sunday night's ceremony, the Oscars twitter is serving up al kinds of teasers to the celebrity-filled celebration of cinema. Let's dive into these tweets (and retweets) — use them as a sort of palette cleanser for the real deal on Sunday.

That Turtle

Shelly, what are you up to?

A Peek At Some Of the Writers & Other Staff

These people do not get enough credit for the feat that this production is.

The Oscars Crew Building the Set

See above re: Not enough credit, not enough glory.

The Red Carpet Hanging With Gilda

Let us hope she has blessed this night.

Lady Gaga Rehearsals Shot

Damn, they're still being so vague about all of this.

Musical Number Teases


Orchestra Rehearsal

More people who do not get nearly enough glory for their work.

A Really Superbly Red Carpet

Dang that's red. Like Taylor Swift Red red. Just red all over the place.

These fine folks

Lookin' fine.

Dat Theater

About to be filled with so many famous people.

Hollywood Blvd. Shapes Up

I have lived on Hollywood Blvd., and let me tell you, it is not usually this beauteous.