Your Official Oscars Drinking Game

You've prepared the cheese plate, put the pigs in a blanket, stocked up on the finest boxed wine, and smothered popcorn in butter — you are ready for your Oscar Night Party on Sunday. Almost. What's an Oscars party without an Oscars drinking game? Have no fear, your rules are here! Tonight the film industry celebrates the finest artists in cinema from directors to performers to costume designers and everyone behind the scenes who bring scripts to life. The movies are magical. And so is drinking with your friends. So, let's get to celebrating watching our favorite stars wink at the camera and pretend to be happy when they lose.

Tonight already promises to be entertaining with Neil Patrick Harris as our fearless host (Oh, the showtunes!) — and with performances by Lady Gaga, Jennifer Hudson, Anna Kendrick, and Jack White, there's no way we can go wrong. (Also, let's not forget all of that stunning fashion to ooh-and-aah over! Lupita Nyong'o, I already salute you.) But, it's hard to deny that anything is less entertaining when a drinking game is involved...so, why not just add a little alcohol and make this already fun night into an even more fun night?


Now, before we get started, remember: Always drink responsibly, eat plenty, and consume water as often as possible.

That said, let's get to those rules. Movie fanatics, crack those cans and pour that wine, it's Oscar time:

Take a Drink If:

  • Neil Patrick Harris gets lifted into the air by dancers in the opening number.
  • The camera pans to Meryl Streep.
  • Someone makes a joke about Steve Carrell's makeup in Foxcatcher.
  • The orchestra plays over an acceptance speech.
  • Someone curses and doesn't get bleeped.
  • Michael Keaton's "comeback" is referenced.
  • Fellow nominees are thanked in an acceptance speech.

Take a Shot If:

  • Someone makes a political statement in their acceptance speech.
  • Lady Gaga flashes her new engagement ring.
  • Someone comments on how long the show is.
  • The word, "epic" is used to describe a film or performance.
  • Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield smooch on camera.
  • A long-shot nominee wins and doesn't have a speech prepared.
  • Your pick for Best Picture wins.

Chug Your Drink If:

  • Jennifer Lawrence Falls.
  • Channing Tatum dances.
  • Jennifer Hudson sheds a tear at the end of her performance.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch photobombs another celeb.
  • Your pick for Best Picture loses.
  • A winner forgets to thank their spouse/partner/family.
  • It's finally over.

Images: Giphy, napsmear/Tumblr, Cinemablend