15 Cherry Recipes To Help You Celebrate National Cherry Month Right

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When you think of cherries — and subsequently, delicious fresh cherry recipes — you probably think of hot summer days, warm nights, beach days, and barbecues out in the sun. I know I can't be the only one who is reminded of summer every time I see a cherry. Here in North America, cherries are in season during the warmer months, and maybe that's why it seems like such a summer fruit.

But, in a weird twist of events, February is actually National Cherry Month. Yes, February, the coldest and most brutal month of the entire year, is the month someone out there chose to be a time for celebrating cherries. I'm not complaining: cherries are a deliciously sweet and tart fruit that can be eaten so many different ways. Why not take advantage of this month to eat them in any way you can?

But forget about cliche cherry desserts like cherry pie or cherry ice cream or cherry cheesecake. There is so much more you can do with this fruit! These 15 recipes are proof of that, and they also make an excellent case for why you should start eating cherries all the time — not just in February or during the summer. Enjoy!

Image: Kitchen Confidante

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