'The Voice' Season 5 Recap: The Blind Auditions Are Over, So Let's Pick Favorites

Tuesday night's episode of The Voice was a lovely trip down memory lane. If there is one thing we need after 53 days of Blind Auditions, it is a recap of the best moments. In honor of this "best of" party, I drummed up a list of my favorite season five singers… as of week three. I am a human with opinions, so please don't get bent out of shape that I (spoiler alert) didn't choose a gaggle of country artists or dude rockers. I appreciate the talent of a Brandon Chase, but pop music courses through my veins and my preferences skew accordingly. Also, I stan for Adam Levine. Enough disclaiming. Top ten list (in no particular order): engage!

  1. I can't stop talking about Holly Henry's Blind Audition. Full disclosure: she sang "The Scientist," and that song would've been the top played song in my iTunes library my freshman year of high school if I had iTunes my freshman year of high school. That song ruins me. Holly's sound was so haunting and creepy-pretty. She's my only pick from Blake Shelton's team. Sorry, Mr. Shelton!
  2. Donna Allen. Donna Allen. Donna Allen. Miami Sound Machine alumnus, current student of Adam Levine, and forever the winner of my heart. I will be rooting for her with my entire being during the Battle Rounds. You and your voice are so beautiful to me, Donna Allen.
  3. Tessanne Chin has an unstoppable voice, and I suspect her audition performance of "Try" was a mere preview of what lies on the horizon. She is a member of Team Adam, and I will be a WRECK if he pits her against Donna. Don't wrong me like that, Adam.
  4. Michael Lynch did a short duet with Christina Aguilera and didn't sound like a hot landfill next to her, so I believe in him and miracles.
  5. Lupe Carroll is the sole member of Cee Lo Green's team to make my prestigious list. I don't know how that happened. Cee Lo and I always saw eye-to-eye in seasons past. Lupe has that folksy, coffeehouse sound with a hint of grit AND I LIKE IT. My friend and I didn't understand why Cee Lo was the only coach to turn for him. Stoked to watch you prove everyone wrong, Lupe!
  6. The gorgeous Lina Gaudenzi and her gorgeous performance of "Landslide" was, well, gorgeous. Don't bother buying me a thesaurus because I don't care to use any other adjectives to describe her. I'm counting on coach Xtina to pick a Battle Round song that'll showcase Lina's wild vibrato.
  7. I loved Nic Hawk's audition, yes. I live for an unexpected dose of Blu Cantrell, especially if it is done right. It was done right. I also live for any shameless flirting with Adam. A+ work, Nic.
  8. James Irwin and his pretty green eyes are on Team Adam (swell. So many of my faves are on Team Adam. This won't end well for my emotions), and I think his tone is so listenable. He made magic with "Losing My Religion," and magic is my everything.
  9. Ashley DuBose sang "Diamonds" better than I do in my mind, which is a serious compliment. She has powerful pipes, a stunningly beautiful face, and Adam as a mentor. I think I want to be her.
  10. Preston Pohl's got charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and tal-- wait. That's another show. Regardless, his voice and stage presence were memorable (in a good way). What is with Adam's team this season?! Maybe my unrelenting crush on Adam is clouding my judgment, but his team is stupid talented/stupid unfair.

Next time I visit Manhattan, I'll make a beeline for the NBC Experience Store to acquire a Team Adam t-shirt. It's my destiny. I could very easily drive to Universal Studios and check the souvenir shops for the blouse, but "The Great NYC Team Adam Shirt Caper" sounds so thrilling! Next week: Battle Rounds. Be there or be somewhere else.

Photo: Tyler Golden/NBC