'The Originals': Rebekah Is on The Warpath

When we met Hayley during last week's The Originals premiere, I wondered, "who is this jaw-droppingly pretty lady?" Fortunately, I had a chance to start Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries last weekend and now the pregnant werewolf and I are old frenemies. I haven't finished the season, but as of right now, I'm not much of a Hayley fan. That could change. She seems likable enough on The Originals. I'm in Hayley limbo. Tuesday night's episode brought us what last week's lacked: REBEKAH! Rebekah made the trek to New Orleans and I was a happy camper. To honor her triumphant return to the French Quarter, here are the best Rebekah moments of the episode:

  • Rebekah doesn't bother to learn Hayley's name until the halfway through the episode. She refers to her as "the maid," "mumzy," and "wolf girl." Rebekah knocked it out of the park with "wolf girl."
  • Worried about Elijah's whereabouts, Rebekah searches high and low for his knifed body. At one point during her quest, she sneaks up on Sophie and scares the shit out of the witch. Rebekah's entrance is very dramatic and horror movie-esque, so I can't blame Sophie.
  • In a flashback, we see Rebekah and Marcel flirt and smooch. I wasn't mad at it. Flashback Klaus is mad at it, however, and threatens Marcel (he loves Marcel like a son, and this love drives him to act like an asshat). Rebekah valiantly defends Marcel, but dumb Klaus is like, "later, sis. Here's a knife in your torso, now go hang out in your designated coffin for a while."
  • When Hayley is moments away from drinking poison to kill her unborn hybrid hybrid, she's interrupted by vampires. Vampires in the French Quarter don't take too kindly to werewolves. BUT OUR GIRL REBEKAH SWOOPS IN. She saves Hayley from the vampires (because one original vamp is much stronger than a pack of normal vamps) and shows a sliver of her caring side.
  • Rebekah wants answers from Marcel regarding Elijah's whereabouts, so she crashes his date with a mortal and causes a SCENE. Let me be more specific: she threatens to kill the human lady. Rebekah may love hard, but she doesn't give a single damn about anyone else's relationships.
  • Marcel takes Rebekah to Elijah's body (he is in a coffin with a knife in his torso. Classic Klaus!), and she finds herself in Davina's witchy room. The room looks like Hocus Pocus spewed all over Anthropologie. I want my bedroom to look like Davina's lair. Rebekah challenges Marcel and Davina, but Davina is like, "l8r h8r" and uses crazy witch power to throw Rebekah's body all over the room.
  • Later, Rebekah realizes Davina erased her memory of the Anthro-lair's location. She tells Klaus that Davina is Marcel's secret weapon and that she is "not just any witch." Rebekah cracked the case of how the vampires know what the witches are up to 24/7! Good hustle, Rebekah.

Next week, Marcel asks Davina to figure out a way to kill an otherwise invincible original vampire. Um, a showdown between Davina and Rebekah? I've never been more excited for anything in my life.

Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW