17 Photos Of Frozen Stuff Because It's Awesome

If you are reading this article right now, congratulations: Somehow you have survived the peril of this Winter's icepocalypse that is so cold and long-lasting that I'm pretty sure even Elsa would be a hundred percent done with this mess. I live in a part of the country where conditions aren't even close to being as terrible as they are in some places (Niagara Falls just quit at life, guys). Yesterday, when I walked two entire blocks in DC, I frightened everyone I passed by laughing out loud like a crazy person—it was that cold.

The only thing worth backing up off the icy edge of sanity that we are all teetering on right now is the fact that ice, while super annoying and inconvenient, does have the potential to be mind-bogglingly beautiful to look at (look at, not live encased in). Like these high resolution snowflakes, you will occasionally come upon ice so bewildering and pretty that, even though you want to punch Poseidon in the face (he's in charge of the weather, right?), you will also want to pause first and snap a pic for Instagram. You know what they say: When it comes to terrible weather, if you can't beat 'em, take a bunch of pictures and get a bunch of likes. (That's what they say, right?) Here is some ice porn that might inspire you to hold out for summer:

1. Lake Erie

2. Utah

3. Niagara Falls

4. Greenland

5. South Korea

6. North Carolina

7. Russia

8. Vancouver

9. Tennessee

10. Philadephia

11. Russia

12. Sweden

13. New York

14. Istanbul

15. New York

16. New York again