Miley Cyrus & The Roots' A Cappella "We Can't Stop" Is the Mellow Version We Always Wanted

Well, here's something we didn't know we needed to see: Miley Cyrus, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots singing an a cappella version of "We Can't Stop," Brady-Bunch style. The video, which features the group singing the hit single inside squares modeled after the famous '70s TV show, debuted during Cyrus' stint as both the guest and the musical performer on Late Night on Tuesday.

The fact that the video exists at all is strange (seriously, who in the writing room was like, "hey, you know what would be great? A reenactment of The Brady Bunch's opening credits to a song about drugs!"), but you can't deny that the quality is actually pretty great. As the Alice-like center of the squares, Cyrus once again proves her vocal prowess, and Fallon and the Roots provide a nice, smooth backing to the song.

It's a very different version of "We Can't Stop" than we're used to hearing from the star behind Bangerz, and we hope the mellowness sticks; when the video is simple and no tongues are out (save for the last few seconds), it's easy to remember that the Cyrus star is one hell of a singer.

Plus, the video is worth watching just for Questlove's face during some of the song's key lines, including "dancing with Miley/molly" and "trying to get a line in the bathroom." This man is not amused.

Check out the video below:

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube