7 Times Kylie's Makeup Looked Perfect On Vine

There are few things that make me question EVERYTHING quite like the fact that Kyle Jenner is only 17 years old. Yes, 17. I mean, just one look at Kylie Jenner's Vine account is enough to make you practically faint with envy. At 17, I was still figuring out how to post lyrics as my Facebook status and still seem cool (spoiler: there is no "cool" way to do that), and she's off designing collections for Pacsun and Topshop and taking selfies in shoes that are worth more than basically everything I currently own combined. And her hair and makeup? Flawless. Always.

Once I saw a video of Jenner, fully expecting some bit of her makeup to be out of place because, "This isn't an edited Instagram selfie. This is more like real life." But, no, she still managed to look flawless. I was both surprised and generally impressed. And if you haven't seen a video of Kylie just... being Kylie, then, surprise! There's a social media app for that too. Kylie Jenner loves Vine, and often her videos display some of her coolest makeup looks. And sometimes, Jenner doesn't wear much makeup at all in the videos — and yes, she still looks gorgeous.

In any case, the Vines are silly, fun, and kind of along the lines of something I would make as a 17-year-old celebrity... if I had been, you know, a celebrity. And the videos that feature Jenner's makeup looks are perfect inspiration for your daily makeup routine if you want to add a little something different to your own look.

1. Lashes

Sometimes an AMAZING set of lashes is all you need to look gorgeous and polished.

2. Just Brows

But, really, both Kylie AND Kendall's brows are ALWAYS on point.

3. Simple, But Gorgeous

This look from Kylie isn't too over the top, but still emphasizes all of her best features. A bold brow, some great lashes, and a little lip and eye color can go a long way. Also, being a Kardashian doesn't hurt.

4. Wet Hair Is Apparently A Good Look Now

Because if she can pull off just-out-of-the-shower chic and make it look cool, then so can we.

5. Full Makeup

Can I have my own hair stylist too? Or no?

6. Only The Cutest Bun EVER

But really, can I look this cute with a mullet bun, please? This is such an easy, cute and chic way to just throw your hair up after going to the gym or lounging all day.

7. When In Doubt, Go For A Nude Lip

I obviously had to include the famous Kylie Jenner lip, right? Of course.