Check Out Eva Chen's NYFW Street Style

by Rosie Narasaki

Out of all the designers, editors, movie stars, stylists, bloggers, and other fashion industry experts, there's one woman who might just have the street style to rule them all — and that woman is Lucky magazine editor-in-chief, Eva Chen. Chen's frankly kind of a marvel — not only is she the mind behind Lucky's e-commerce-based overhaul, she also has one of the most epically curated Instagram accounts around (plus a quirky Snapchat presence, to boot), and she just had a baby (who has been making regular adorable appearances on said epically curated Instagram account). And on top of all that, she still throws together some of the best outfits in all of New York Fashion Week? How do I become her (incidentally, you can read here and here for her career advancement tips)?

She's one of the best-dressed Asian women at NYFW (and trust, that's saying a lot) — and the looks below are as eclectic as you'd expect from the super-stylish fashion maven. In fact, one of the only unifying elements between the half-dozen looks is, by her own admission, "freezing ankles" (ah, the sacrifices we make in the name of fashion). Ranging from acid-washed ankle jeans with pink fur coats to sleek black turtlenecks and textured midi-skirts, here are some of Eva Chen's best NYFW moments:

The "Big Bird Outfit"

She calls this her "Big Bird outfit," and the name definitely fits (also, I have a sudden burning need for a fried egg-shaped clutch).

And here's a closer look at the clutch (and her on-point manicure):

It's an egg!

The Michael Kors Ensemble

Chen wore this outfit to interview Michael Kors and it's the epitome of NYC chic, eh?

The "Fluffmonster Coat"

No, wait, this one is (come on, both her coat and her bag look like they might secretly be sentient).

The Vintage Furs

A vintage fur coat and scarf paired with boyfriend jeans (and "hypothermic ankles")? Genius!

This Comparatively Minimalist Look

Superlatively chic (and no one can quite pull off a furry beanie the way Eva Chen can).

These Two Pink Coats

Who knew double coats could look so cute?

See you in London, Eva!

Images: Getty Images; evachen212/Instagram