'Mad Men's Season 7 Promo Features A Fitting Song

Part 2 of season 7 of the beloved show premieres on April 5, and Mad Men season 7 just got a very fitting first trailer, complete with a song from a new era. Although the show started in the early '60s, season 7 takes place in the late '60s (possibly early '70s), and it's a big change for the show. It even has the tagline: "The End of an Era." In the upcoming season, the characters have an all-new style, and even the soundtrack is different: Case-in-point, the song from the Mad Men trailer is "Love Hangover" by Diana Ross. The song was recorded in 1975, so it totally fits the changing tide of the show.

It seems Mad Men has decided the best way to signal their new season's time jump was with a new look and a new sound. "Love Hangover" has a very laid back '70s vibe to it, and paired with shots of the characters lounging in their new wardrobe, the whole image comes together quite nicely.

Even more fitting than the vibe and year of the song, are the words in it. It's all about a hangover so sweet you don't want it to end. Kind of like Mad Men in general. Fans don't want to have to say goodbye to the show, but all hangovers eventually fade away, and sadly the show has to come to an end at some point.

But for now, you can watch the new trailer below and get excited for the late '60s/'70s vibes by listening to "Love Hangover" on repeat like I have since re-discovering the song.

Image: AMC