Yikes, This Clothing Tag Is Incredibly Sexist

There is no doubt that feminism has hit the mainstream. As more and more women come together and speak out against gender discrimination, including celebrity influencers like Emma Watson, real changes are finally starting to happen. Unfortunately, discrimination against women continues to plague certain areas of life. For example, Italian label Shoeshine thinks your mom should wash your clothes, according to the sexist tags found in their clothing.

The Daily Mail reports that the brand sold items with washing instructions that read "Give it to your mom — it's her job." Yikes. The offensive tag was discovered by a politician who works on the Equality Commission at the legislative assembly. Federica Mazzoni noticed it on a cardigan she bought for her son, with the sexist phrase printed on the bottom, below your average washing instructions like "machine wash cold," as if it was totally normal.

Mazzoni posted a photo of the tagline to Facebook with a caption reading "Doing the washing is not the mother's job, fathers are also capable of turning a simple knob," The Daily Mail reported. Loving the sarcasm! In response to the backlash, the manufacturers claimed it was "a simple joke aimed at their teenage customers." Seriously?

This may be the most appalling news I have heard in a while. It is so insanely ridiculous that I almost refuse to believe this can actually happen.

See the label for yourself below (it's in tiny print all the way at the bottom).

I'm glad stories like these are getting the appropriate publicity they deserve. This helps create awareness and will hopefully eliminate silly gender stereotypes like "only moms wash laundry" for good.

Image: Monkey Business/Fotolia