The 'Sister Wives' Finances Are Complicated

There's a lot of questions that one might have while watching Sister Wives on TLC. Some of them revolve around the concept of the show in general, while others all about the money. (Isn't it always about the money?) The lifestyle that the Browns have is what it is, no matter how you may personally feel about polygamy, but you have to wonder how this family of 22 is making it by. Bustle has delved into the earnings of the Sister Wives stars before, but still the question remains, how much money are they earning, and what is the net worth of the Brown family?

Before we talk numbers, the Brown family hasn't exactly had smooth road when it comes to finances. We've seen it explored on the show, and a lot of the adult members of the family have faced bankruptcy at some point in their lives. But the bankruptcy filings that the women and their husband have faced haven't kept them down for long, as they've continued to earn money from the show and their various business ventures. Without the show, I don't really know how this family would stay afloat, but I guess that's an issue for another time. Here's the breakdown of the Brown family net worth.

Net Worth

For a family of 22, I can't say that the Browns are exactly "making it rain." I really can't say how they were able to afford four houses on their own cul-de-sac. According to CelebrityNetworth, the estimated net worth of Kody Brown is $800,000, but that may not be accurate. You also have to remember that some of the wives have jobs outside the home, which contribute to the family's net worth as a whole.

Per Episode

The Stir has estimated that the Browns are pulling in about $50,000 per episode of Sister Wives, and over 70 episodes have aired. If that figure is correct, it's doubtful that the family started there, they had to work their way up the television ladder, dammit! A typical season is about 20 episodes, so hopefully they'll keep up with those long seasons to rake in the dough.

How They're Making Money

If you're wondering what else the family is doing to bring in money, besides filming the show and the parents' daily jobs, behold My Sisterwife's Closet. WARNING: They have music playing on the homepage... which is the worst. I don't know how much money they're earning from this project, but I can't really imagine it's paying the bills — or a bill for that matter — because the products they're selling are for a very specific taste.

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