JNCO Jeans Are Making A Comeback, So Here Are 6 Stylish Celebs Wearing Them Because This Is The Future

If it wasn't already obvious, the fashion industry is made up of nostalgic people aplenty. It's the only reasonable explanation for why we're seeing '70s trends run rampant at this year's New York Fashion Week runways and why we've pretty much welcomed back everything from the '90s that we denounced in the 2000s. The most recent piece of evidence: JNCO Jeans are coming back. Yes, you read that correctly. Those ginormous-sized, baggy pant-legged denim jeans from the era of the raver has decided that its been absent from our lives long enough. Although, if you were to ask me, I say we could stand to go longer without them.

Apparently, I'm pretty alone in my thinking. There are at least 51 people who are pretty stoked about JNCO's comeback. Specifically, 42 members belonging to this Facebook group named BRING BACK JNCO JEANS!!! and 9 people who signed this petition on Change.org. Perhaps those folks were the impetus for why JNCO decided they wanted to relaunch their wide-legged pant style (they're calling it the "heritage range") along with a new line of skinnier jeans, which will be part of something called the fashion collection.

President and CEO Andrew Jacovou said the company's return “will appeal to trendsetting men and women who wore the brand in the Nineties, as well as a new generation of consumers who will be introduced to the brand’s fashion-forward sensibilities for the first time.” Fashion-forward sensibilities, eh?

I've been proven wrong before though. There could be a good chance that some of the industry's most fashionable people will embrace JNCO jeans' 20-23 inch leg openings into their closets again. After all, I swore to myself that I'd never wear Birkenstocks and, well, you should peep my shoe rack.

Because it's inevitable and you're probably curious what some of today's most stylish celebs would look like in JNCO jeans, I've gone ahead and put them in a pair for you. Here are 6 celebs wearing JNCO-style jeans because this is the future, y'all.

1. David Beckham

This is proof that David should leave the wide-legged bottoms to Victoria.

2. Justin Timberlake

I'm getting strong N'SYNC vibes here, probably because JT totally owned a pair back in the day.

3. Ryan Gosling

Hey girl, there's room for you in these jeans. No, really though.

4. Jared Leto

Leto's next Oscars outfit? Yes, please.

5. Kanye West

This is for sure going to be a part of Yeezy Boost F/W 2016. Calling it now.

6. Johnny Depp

Depp likes to call these his "I'm married now" jeans.

Images: JNCO Jeans (6), Getty Images (6)