Eric Church Welcomes Baby No. 2

Country star Eric Church just became a dad — again. Already a father to a 3-year-old boy named Boone McCoy, Eric Church welcomed a second son with wife Katherine Church, The Grammy-nominated singer announced on his Facebook page on Feb. 19 that the baby was actually born on Sunday, and treated his fans to the big name reveal. And the name of the new baby is perfectly appropriate for Church's country roots.

The couple's second baby is named Tennessee Hawkins Church. As we all know, Nashville is the country music capital of the U.S. and has served as an inspiration to countless country crooners over the years, so it makes perfect sense that the country star's baby name is a nod to the state where Nashville is located.

Although Church is originally from Granite Falls, North Carolina, Nashville has been described as his "adopted hometown" by Rolling Stone, which makes the name Tennessee even more fitting. Church said that the couple plan to have the baby go by Hawk, which also has a nice rural-sounding ring to it. In the Facebook statement, Church said,

I’m thrilled that Hawk and his mom are doing well. We aren’t sleeping very much, but we are enjoying every part of this incredible journey. I’m very blessed and thankful.
Erika Goldring/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What makes this announcement even more adorable is the clever way that Church chose to announce his wife's pregnancy in the first place: during a performance. Last September, Church made a slight change to a song lyric from "Sinners Like Me." Instead of singing the regular lyric, "Give my dad a grandson of his own," Church sang "Give my dad another grandson of his own." Slick! And it looks like his wish in the song came true.

Seeing as this is the second time around, Church is no stranger to the warm feelings that come along with seeing your child for the first time. After his wife gave birth to his firstborn, Church said at the time:

Everyone always tells you what an awesome and unique experience being a parent is, but words can never do the feeling justice. The way our life changed in that 24-hour period alone after he was born — just by putting a little boy in the house — was awesome.

Congratulations to the happy couple for what's sure to be another awesome and unique experience for them. In the meantime, we will have to keep our eyes peeled for baby photos!

Image: Getty Images