How to Improve Your Life 10 Minutes at a Time, According to Reddit

Improving your overall quality of life doesn't have to involve making a big, huge change; sometimes, it's the little things that count the most. A recent AskReddit thread, for example, is full of ways to improve your life just 10 minutes at a time — and you know what? It's definitely worth a read. Reddit isn't always the place to go for life advice, but this time, it definitely delivered.

The post first appeared not quite a day ago, with Redditor Tiny_Wiener_Guy posing the question, “What one to 10 minute task, if done daily, would have the most positive impact on my life over time?” As is often the case with these types of AskReddit threads — the ones seeking life advice — approximately a zillion people (well, not really, but you get what I mean) replied with the same one-word answer: Meditating. This is definitely a valid answer, although I'm always sort of amazed that so many people never bother to read the thread to find out whether or not something has already been suggested a bunch of times before just dashing off an answer. Oh well; they're still right. Taking 10 minutes a day to meditate will improve your quality of life — studies have proven it.

So, though, will these habits, most of which aren't suggested nearly as frequently as meditating:

1. Make This Part of Your Post-Work Routine:

I know, I know — the impulse is just to sit down and finally breathe for a minute. But seriously — donate a few minutes towards emptying your dishwasher or neatening your desk. You'll thank yourself for it in the end. Plus, as Redditor Palindromer101 noted in a response, you won't feel nearly as bad for not cleaning up on your days off… because it will already be done. Everyone wins!

Conversely, though, there's also this:

2. Do Nothing

Especially for Type A people, getting comfortable with doing nothing can be a difficult skill to master (me, for example? I'm terrible at it). But being able to take a step back for a moment is just as important as making sure you're regularly moving forward. How else are you going to know for sure where you stand?

3. Exercise

Good news if you're not a fan of working out: You only need to do it for seven minutes to begin reaping some benefits. The science-based Seven-Minute Workout may not make you super buff in no time flat, but it will contribute to your overall health and well being. Love your body, love yourself, right?

4. Do Something Nice for Someone

If we learned nothing else from Johnny Karate, doing something nice for someone is the best thing there is.

5. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

I was astounded to discover that a lot of adults just… don't really brush their teeth. Remember, guys: You only have one chance at this. Once your mouth goes away, it's gone. Well, I mean, yes, you can get dentures — but they're expensive, and kind of a pain in the ass, and you still have to care properly for those, too. It'll take you 10 minutes tops to brush and floss. Good teeth have been linked to confidence, so why not just buckle down and do it?

6. This:

Fern Gully is always the correct answer.

7. Think About the Good Stuff

I'm not sure I buy the “mutually exclusive emotions” theory — personally I believe it's quite possible to feel multiple, seemingly conflicting emotions at the same time — but taking a second to appreciate the good things in life, no matter how small, will definitely improve your outlook on life. It might feel weird or silly while you're developing the habit, but it will ultimately be very much worth it.

8. Make Something Delicious

You know that awesome sandwich you love from the deli down the block? Walk right by it. Go to the grocery store instead. Get whatever cold cuts go into that sandwich, whatever cheeses it has, some veggies, and maybe a condiment or two. Oh, and bread — don't forget bread. The good stuff, none of that processed crap. Now go home and make your sandwich yourself. Heck, make yourself two sandwiches. Three, even. Go nuts. Not only will it be delicious, but even better, you will have made it yourself. Talk about a sense of accomplishment.

9. Crack Open a Book

Or, if you don't have a child, just read. And it doesn't necessarily have to be a book. It can be a book, the newspaper, an interesting long-form article you found on the web... whatever. Just read. It will expand your horizons in ways you can't even imagine (yet!).

10. Go for a Walk

I realize this may be a less practical suggestion for people who live in places currently suffering from awful, terrible winters — but once it gets a little warmer out, add this to you schedule. Not only will it get you moving (something we all need to a lot more, no matter how active we are), but even better, it will clear your head when you're feeling overwhelmed.

11. Do Your Kegels

And no, they don't have to entail lifting a surfboard with your vag.

12. Make Your Bed

Everyone's got to start somewhere, right?

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