Is Emma Dating The World's Most Eligible Bachelor?

If you thought you were in for a slow Friday morning, think again: according to reports, Emma Watson might be dating Prince Harry. Let me repeat that: Emma Watson, feminist goddess of Harry Potter and "He For She" fame, is rumored to be dating the most eligible bachelor/best looking ginger in the world, Prince Harry. Just let that sink in for a moment. Then, when it's all sunk in, start screaming, because it's the only proper response to such world-shattering news.

Because let's be real: Watson and Harry might just be the best celebrity pairing since, well, ever. Sure, it's just a rumor, and yeah, there's a big chance the extremely private Watson would never go for someone so famous, but still: can you imagine?! The combination of their British accents, their bonding over unusual upbringings, the drop-dead gorgeous dress she'll wear to the royal wedding — sorry, am I getting ahead of myself? It's just that this is the greatest rumor of all time, and unless someone proves that it's false, I'm going to enjoy all the possibilities their romance has to offer.

What makes the potential of a Watson-Harry relationship so great isn't just the fact that they're both beautiful super-humans, though, although that's certainly a large factor. It's, at least for me, the fact that it's further proof Watson is Hermione Granger in every way possible, despite all her attempts to separate herself from her most famous character. Here's what I mean:

Prince Harry = Viktor Krum

Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Harry Potter: Hermione didn't care much for celebrity culture, so it came as a surprise when she found herself charmed by Viktor Krum, the Bulgarian Quidditch player and wizarding world superstar. Yet perhaps it was her aversion to fame that led to their romance, as she was able to look past the fan clubs and see his kindness and chivalry — and, yes, his athletic good looks.

Reality: I can't imagine that a fiercely private star like Watson would want to date a fellow celebrity, especially someone as famous — or infamous — as Prince Harry. Yet once he reached out, she probably figured she should at least give it a shot, and then found herself pleasantly surprised by his affection and charm. Her friends might think she's gone crazy for dating such a celebrity, but what can she say? She finds him sweet, and they make a good match. Plus, he's really cute. Speaking of which...

She's Always Loved Redheads

Harry Potter: It may have taken them seven years, but Hermione and Ron were always meant to be together.

Reality: So it shouldn't come as a shock that in real life, Emma Watson also has a thing for redheads, and in this case, the most famous ginger in the world.

They're Both Activists


Harry Potter: Everyone knows that Hermione is a feminist icon, but only book readers — shame on you, Goblet of Fire movie — know that she also worked tirelessly to promote equality for house-elves.

Reality: Although Watson's best known for her film work, she's also made a sizable impression in the world of human rights. She's promoted women's education, is a Goodwill Ambassador, and launched the gender equality campaign He For She.

They're Both Brilliant

Harry Potter: Often the top of her class and the brain behind the trio's antics, Hermione was one of the smartest witches Hogwarts ever saw.

Reality: Watson graduated from Brown University, after spending a few semesters at Oxford. It's safe to say that in this case, life definitely imitates art.

She's Not Immune to Charm and Fame

Harry Potter: I know I said that Hermione didn't care much for celebrity, and she didn't — but when the "talented" Gilderoy Lockhart entered Hogwarts, even she wasn't immune to his good looks and legendary skills.

Reality: If Watson was really so against dating a fellow celebrity, she would've shot down the Prince Harry rumor immediately, right? I'm choosing to believe that her silence on the matter is confirmation that the romance is underway.

They Both Put Friendships First

Harry Potter: The trifecta of Harry, Ron, and Hermione will go down in history as one of the best literary friendships of all time.

Reality: According to reports, Watson brought along 12 friends to her date with Prince Harry. I repeat: Emma Watson had the opportunity for a one-on-one date with Prince Harry, and instead, she chose to bring a dozen other people along. Best. Friend. Ever.

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