Jay Manuel Launches a Fierce New Beauty Line

Get ready to look fierce and enhance your smize, ladies, because Jay Manuel has a brand new makeup line. The former America's Next Top Model creative director has decades of experience as a makeup artist, and we've watched him transform small town girls plucked from shopping malls into Top Model winners. I'm betting that his collection, Jay Manuel Beauty, will reflect how talented his is. So tell me, do you wanna be on top? *cue theme music*

Dude has some of the most pore-less, immaculate skin I've ever seen. Seriously, he could be a cartoon character. Is this some sort of fountain of youth situation?? Nope, just some diamond dust and micronized silk a.k.a. ingredients from Jay Manuel Beauty's Filter Finish Collection.

"When I say filter, you think Instagram — everyone knows what a filter [on Instagram] does and that's really what the products do," Jay told the Huffington Post. Apparently, the crushed diamonds and pearl extracts reflect light and create a soft and lovely glow à la Valencia or Brannan. Jay’s skin without black sorcery? Uh, sign me up please.

The rest of the collection is divided up into three categories – Classic, Iconic, and Avant Garde – and consists of colors that complement each of those concepts. There's even a smartphone app to help you figure out your personal style. Jay Manuel Beauty is set to debut on HSN on March 26th, but until then, check out the craziest looks Manuel helped create during his run on ANTM. You’ll always be first photo to me, Jay.

1. Cycle Four's Crocodile Shoot

The models had to pose basically sitting on top of a live crocodile. Hu hum, just another day in Top Model land. But what made this shoot a standout was the totally sick body paint designed to transform the girls into animals. Can Jay's makeup line turn me into a cheetah, please?

2. Cycle Seven's Hair War Wigs

For this shoot, the girls were outfitted with completely absurd wigs that even Rupaul's Drag Race contestants couldn't pull off. There's a windmill in that thing. A windmill.

3. Amanda's Bleach Blonde Hair In Cycle Three

Cycle Three brought Amanda, a young mom with mousy brown hair who was legally blind. But after Jay added extensions down to there and bleached her long locks, a mythical ice princess emerged.

4. The Bald Photo Shoot From Cycle Six

In the beginning of Cycle Six, the girls were stripped of their hair (through the use of bald caps) and then covered with delicate Swarovski crystals. The result? A clean and beautiful, weirdly glam look that left all eyes on the flawless makeup.

5. Cycle Four's Naima

On Cycle Four, Jay helped edge up the dainty and soft ballerina with a mohawk that was all sorts of crazy cool. Naima rocked the look like no other and ended up winning the competition. See? Jay's always right.

6. Cassandra's Traumatic Chop In Cycle 5

You can't talk about ANTM makeovers without discussing Cassandra's complete meltdown when Jay and the Gang chopped off her long locks in Cycle Five. You gotta admit, the edgy cut and pop of bright blonde was gorgeous, but Cassandra left the show after the judges requested she take another inch off. "It was ridiculous! We had already cut off 13 inches! What was 1 more inch?" Jay told