NYFW Was Ripe With Septum Piercing Inspo

Ah, yes, the septum piercing. Just like colored hair and tattoos, this once for-the-edgiest-punks-only accessory has suddenly bounded its way into the mainstream — much to the chagrin of strict parents everywhere, no doubt. It wasn't much of a shock when Rihanna showed up to a basketball game rocking a faux hoop, but once Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson, and Shay Mitchell jumped on board, suddenly everyone wanted in on the nose ring action.

These new septum piercings aren't the thick, clunky hoops from the '90s ("bullrings," as my father so delicately put, as he mimed pulling a particularly edgy classmate of mine around by the nose). The septum piercings of 2015 feature fishing wire thin rings, tiny little spikes, or Coachella-ready jewel details. They're so small, in fact, that you might have to stare directly into someone's nostrils to even notice their facial accessory. Still, I'm into the trend, especially since taking a septum piercing out for good (hey, they're inevitably going to be un-cool again someday) doesn't leave a mark. Plus, there are about a bazillion clip on hoops you can try before taking the piercing plunge.

Naturally, if something's trending, street stylers at Fashion Week will be all over it — and Fall 2015 NYFW was ripe with septum piercing inspiration. So, if you're still debating whether you're totally on board with the trend, scroll on through — but don't blame me if you're scheduling a piercing appointment by the end.

1. Piercings Edge Up Pink

2. And Purple Too

3. They Make Double Buns Even Cooler

4. And Work With Layered On Accessories

5. Even When You're On The Go

6. A Septum Ring Automatically Makes You Look Cool

Face piercing enthusiasts of NYFW, I salute you.

Images: Rikki Byrd; Brent Karwatowski; Joshua Kirby.