Barbie Should Wear These Designer Flats

Finally, Barbie’s getting a modern upgrade! And she’s taking a step in a, well, more comfortable direction, to say the least. The new and modern Hello Barbie was announced at Toy Fair 2015, and according to Gizmodo, upgraded Barbie will have “articulated ankles” along with some other updates.

Prior to this upcoming edition of Barbie, her feet were always shaped to fit only heels, but the new articulated ankles will allow her to accommodate flats, as well. Perfect for lending a modern look to all her fabulous OOTDs! One small tilt of the ankle for Barbie, one giant leap for for womenkind? I'm glad to see Barbie finally joining us in the 21st century. You go, girl!

Set to be released later this year, I, for one, can’t wait to see what shoes Barbie will stylishly sport now that she’s not limited to her extensive collection of heels. So, in honor of Barbie being able to wear flats, I’ve rounded up some designer kicks that she's sure to approve of. She definitely needs to make room in her closet for these! They’ll be able to suit her many moods and outfits, of course, because when it comes to shopping — what would Barbie do? Am I right?

Shoes for when Barbie’s feeling …


Flirting, Chiara Ferragni Collection

Cadence, Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry

These flats will be great for when Barbie’s wanting to get a little dressed up and flirt the night away! They’re simple, yet just fun enough to suit Barbie. Just cause she’s in flats now doesn’t mean she’s boring. Think again!


Love Moschino, Moschino

Gaby Leather Flat, Jeffrey Campbell

Shoes that are pearly and pink scream Barbie. They’re classic and feminine for when she’s wanting to look sophisticated and feel like the modern woman she is.

Like Taking A Walk

ASOS MARDY Gladiator T-Bar, ASOS

Adora Polka Dot Sandal, Sam Edelman

You never knows when Ken’s going to invite Barbie for a long walk, but with these shoes at hand, she’ll be prepared. They’re girly and have just the right amount of funk for her.


Ankle Boots, Moschino

DRILLER, Steve Madden

These are great for when Barbie’s feeling like a badass. These shoes will surely make her feel tough and strong and like she can take on the world. Because I mean, she can!

Images: Getty, Chiara Ferragni Collection, Chinese Laundry, Moschino (2), Urban Outfitters (2), ASOS, Steve Madden