9 Ways To Entertain Yourself At The Airport

You've booked the flight, your hotel room is reserved, your bikini is packed, but now you're just... stuck. You just got hit with a flight delay on the way to your warm spring break escape, far far away from the madness of 2015's eternal winter. This sucks. You feel deflated. You feel annoyed. You have no idea how to keep yourself occupied within the confines of an airport because airports are the mecca of chaos and the constant stress of "hurry up and wait."

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself busy and entertained until takeoff. If you picture what an airport looks like to a child, you'll find that it's actually a giant playground of activities and moderately fun times. So as you impatiently wait to hop on the plane and land in your booze-filled spring break spot, forget everything that is yet to come, and forget the busy working world you just left behind. This time is for mental survival. Have a little fun, get a little bit nuts, and just try to suck it up until you can exit the terminal and enter into paradise. Here are all the ways to occupy yourself in airports while waiting for your flight to take off.

1. See how many trashy mags you can read for free

Buy one magazine. Just one. Then find one or two gate mates who are reading different mags and then when you both finish, offer a trade. You'll save some cash and maybe even make a buddy.

2. Get chatty with a hottie

What have you got to lose? You're both leaving within a few hours, so enjoy some fun flirtation.

3. Order the cheapest item from every food court restaurant and have a budget-friendly feast

Be sure to 'Gram it, because this will be a moment you will never want to forget.

4. Check out those duty-free shops

They always look empty, but people must shop there, right? Maybe they have some cool stuff in there?

5. Find an empty gate and build a fort

This may take some patience and planning, and it might get shut down immediately, but if you pull it off? Genius.

6. Zen out to Tina Fey narrating the Bossypants audiobook

Just the sound of her voice as she talks about how her honeymoon cruise caught on fire will actually calm you down, despite how scary she makes it sound.

7. Organize your apps

Your phone is probably a hot mess of games, photos, and organization apps that you have yet to open. So yeah, maybe take a few minutes to clear up that storage.

8. Call your mom

She's terrified about what this trip has in store for you. She doesn't want you bumping and grinding with douchebags, but she trusts that you'll stay safe. Ease her fears and tell her you love her.

9. Figure out your spirit emoji

Because, why not? Now is as good a time as any.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy (9)