'OITNB' Cast Appears On Tinder Live

Instead of sitting at home alone, mindlessly swiping through Tinder while watching Orange Is The New Black, why not have the cast of OINTB swipe through Tinder for you? If that scenario seems weird and impossible, then you haven't heard of Tinder Live With Lane Moore, a monthly event in Brooklyn hosted by Moore, a stand-up comedian and Cosmopolitan.com's sex and relationship editor. The interactive comedy show pairs Moore's profile with a public setting and special guests, which is always grounds for awkward hilarity.

Recently, OINTB actors Connie Shulman (Yoga Jones), Beth Fowler (Sister Jane Ingalls), Laura Gomez (Blanca Flores), and Lin Tucci (Anita DeMarco) helped Moore decide which guys to swipe left and right on, and what to message the guys she does match up with on Tinder. The cast gave out choice pearls of online dating wisdom like: he's a keeper if there's a bottle of tequila in his photo, and inspired Moore to ask one guy if he watches Orange Is The New Black. You'll have to check out the video to find out what he says, but the whole scenario just makes me wonder which character I'd swipe right on. For the ladies, it would definitely be sexy stalker Lorna Morello (played by Yael Stone) or Dayanara Diaz (played by Dascha Polanco), and for the guys? I think I would have to pass.