Dress Like A Princess With Coco Rocha

Talk about a dynamic trio: Disney, HSN and supermodel Coco Rocha have teamed up to create a modern-day princess collection, fit for the royalty in all of us. Launching in March, the same month as the live-action Cinderella movie, of course, Coco Rocha’s Modern Princess collection will be available for purchase. And while the clothes are fit for, well, a modern princess, the emphasis definitely falls on the word modern. This isn’t for your childhood Cinderella.

Because many of us don’t want to pull off tulle ball gown skirts on a daily basis (although if that's what you like, by all means), Rocha’s re-imagined version of a princess comes in handy for anyone who wants to fill her days with a little glamour without looking like she's playing dress-up. There isn’t an ounce of tulle or a puffy skirt in site with this collection. Instead, picture sleek silhouettes, peplum skirts, and body hugging contours. This version of princess style is all grown up!

“My vision of a modern princess is a woman who has confidence in her own skin,” Rocha said in an interview with InStyle, “She isn’t afraid to take risks in fashion, she has grown into herself and has come to love herself and express her own individuality.”

It wouldn’t be hard to feel confident in this clothing, as it’s definitely meant for a powerhouse woman. Don’t think these designs have completely lost their storybook feel, though. There’s still some an element of whimsy mixed in there, that comes in the form of butterfly printed skirts and baroque styled pants.

There’s still a hint of fairytale present in this collection — it’s just a current-day tale meant for the girl who writes her own happy endings.

Image: Getty