Jeffrey Katzenberg Offered 'Breaking Bad' Crew $75 Million for New Episodes. Would You Watch?

If you had $75 million to spare, what would you spend it on? A mega-mansion? A fleetload of cars? Unlimited pizza for the rest of your life? For Jeffrey Katzenberg, the mega-rich CEO of DreamWorks, the answer is easy: more Breaking Bad episodes. At an industry event on Wednesday, Katzenberg revealed that he offered the Breaking Bad team $75 million to make 180 more minutes of the beloved, just-ended AMC show, in a series of six-minute mini-installments, released over a period of a month. That way, he said, fans could access the bits on iTunes or VOD and pay between 50 and 99 cents for each one.

It'd be "the best pay-per-view scripted TV event ever," Katzenberg said. “There’s no doubt people would buy it every day, everyone would be there waiting for the next six minutes."

He has a point; I know I'd pay whatever it cost for more Breaking Bad, even if it was just minutes at a time. The series may have ended and Walt may be dead, but that doesn't mean I don't still care about what happened to Jesse, Skyler, Marie and more post-finale.

Unfortunately for Katzenberg (and us), it's unlikely we'll ever see more of the show, unless Vince Gilligan decides otherwise. And it's probably for the best; the series ended on such a perfect note that anything further would be unnecessary, and possibly detrimental to the quality. Still, we have to give Katzenberg credit for trying. He may be rich, but $75 million is no joke. The man must've really loved Breaking Bad, and all of us can relate to that, even if we're not as stacked as Katzenberg.

Image: AMC