Kendall Jenner And Model BFFs Front Topshop Unique

If Topshop had an extended size range, they'd pretty much be my dream brand. Blending on-trend fashion with a certain permanence of 90s grunge and retro dreaming, TS produces some of the coolest threads on the high street. Threads so cool that "it" babes like Mindy Kaling and Lena Dunham live and breathe in them. That's probably what makes the Topshop Unique show at London Fashion Week so coveted. And at today's autumn/winter display, we've been offered yet more evidence that the retailer will be doing even bigger and better things. To celebrate the occasion, Kendall Jenner was front row and center — looking like the embodiment of Topshop hipsterism that we all secretly hope her to be.

K. Jenn did her fair share of mingling with some of her model girl gang, from eyebrow queen Cara Delevingne to Alexa Chung. Her look was understated and perfect: light wash, high-waisted jeans, paired with a simple monochromatic top and a beige blazer and pointed heels added for a slight color pop. I just love the Full House meets Courtney Love ora of this ensemble — and a Topshop showing is pretty much the place to wear it. Honestly, Kendall Jenner for H&M kind of needs to be a thing. Like, right now.

Cara Delevinge's holiday campaign for H&M in 2014 was a bit questionable. But I'm kind of feeling a Kendall, Cara and Alexa campaign — maybe for summer. Kendall will bring on the prepped version of grunge. Alexa will preserve a certain femme style. And Cara will bring on boldness and eccentricity. I wonder if this trio is the new supermodel girl girl? But I mean, Jourdann Dunn was front-rowing today's catwalk as well, so we could even hype this up to a foursome power crew. A Topshop lover can dream!

Side note: Is this not the coolest front row you've ever seen?

Images: Instagram; Getty