Lady Gaga's Gloves Are Outta Control

Lady Gaga is pretty much having the best week ever, but her Oscars dress isn't really telling me that. Earlier this week she got engaged, and tonight she's performing at the 87th Annual Academy Awards. Lady Gaga wore red gloves on the 2015 Oscars red carpet to which her custom Alaia smock-inspired dress ended up playing second fiddle. I'm imagining that these gloves are perfect for luxury gardening/ being a butcher.

To distract myself momentarily from what's going on with Gaga's hands, the dress is, in my opinion, just OK. Something about it vaguely reminds me of a very sparkly nurse's smock — perhaps it's the tunnel sleeves — but I enjoy the fact that this is an unexpected silhouette for the designer. The custom Alaia gown that Gaga is wearing reportedly took 25 people 1600 man hours to construct, and it's also the maiden voyage of any Alaia gown on the red carpet. Tonight, Gaga will be performing a tribute performance at tonight's ceremonies (that may or may not be a Sound of Music medley?? Only time will tell), and this dress will be an interesting choice for the occasion.

But to keep things in perspective, this look is no crazier than the meat dress!


Image: Getty Images