Reese Witherspoon Just Shared The Cutest Text Ever

Even if you know nothing about the 2015 Oscars, you probably have heard at least this one thing: Julianne Moore is going to win. The star's performance as an Alzheimer's patient in the drama Still Alice has been winning raves ever since it premiered, and it's come as no surprise that this awards season has consisted of Moore picking up every trophy there is for the role. Yet just because she's a lock for Best Actress doesn't mean that her contenders are any less worthy of winning — something that fellow nominee Reese Witherspoon's mom clearly knows well, and has no qualms about sharing with the public.

In a series of texts posted by the nominee on Sunday night, Witherspoon's mom voiced her support for her daughter's role in the nominated Wild, and it's just as adorable as you'd expect. The ladies clearly have a close relationship, and it's so sweet that even this far in the actress' career, with A-list fame and several Oscar nominations to her name, her mom is still just as excited and proud as if this was her kid's first Hollywood go-around. Plus, they're funny — mostly not on purpose (do parents not get that you don't need to sign your name after a text?), but nonetheless, very entertaining. Check out the messages below:

Let's hope Witherspoon gets a hold of Harris at some point tonight, or else she'll undoubtedly be in for one of those "did you not get my text message?" messages later all children know so, so well.