Emma Stone Has The Cutest Oscars Date!

When it comes to the big trends of the 2015 Oscars red carpet, of course there are the fashion ones — what color gown was the most popular, what the big makeup look was — but one of the most noticeable trends was stars bringing their mothers as their dates. Emma Stone's Oscars date was her mom, and they were super cute talking to Lara Spencer about their excitement about being at the Oscars and, in particular, in spotting Mark Ruffalo from afar. (Hey! He's an interesting guy.)

Stone wasn't the only one who brought her mom as her date. Ansel Elgort, Common, Bradley Cooper, and Dakota Johnson (who brought her famous mother, Melanie Griffith!) also showed up with their moms, and it makes perfect sense. Why bring a significant other, when you can bring the person who was there for you during all of those auditions. Hell, the woman once changed your diaper, she deserves to go to the Oscars for crying out loud!

In case you missed seeing these famous faces along with their mothers on the red carpet show, here are some adorable pictures to get you caught up. And if you ever go to the Oscars, remember that the person who birthed you makes for a perfect date choice.

Emma Stone

Ansel Elgort

Dakota Johnson



Bradley Cooper

Images: pyou/Tumblr