This Site Will Tell You What Movie To Watch

Honesty hour: I know you love your mom/significant other/best friends to the moon and back, but if another one of them utters the words, "I dunno, what do you wanna watch?" one more time, YOU WILL BURN NETFLIX AND THIS ENTIRE HOUSE TO THE GROUND. Slight overreaction aside, the unbearable stress of movie-watching indecision is incredibly real, and as we collectively become increasingly accepting of our true nature as lazy people who just want to stay in and watch movies in our underwear, this inability to decide what to watch is becoming more pressing. Thankfully, a site that recommends "highly-rated, little known" movies has come to our rescue before we all lose what little chill we have left in our queues.

This site is amazing, not only for saving us from ourselves, but for giving all these under-appreciated movies that have fallen through the cracks another chance at acquiring the fandom they deserve. Yes, there are some pretty kickass movies coming out in 2015, but if we close our mouths for a second and stop the steady stream of Chris Pratt-induced drool, we can take stock of all the awesome movies we might have missed out on in the past few years, including ones where our favorite actors are lurking just off the radar. As a chronically indecisive person, it was a relief to test drive this site: Right off the bat, it gave me some suggestions I was thirsty for, which made it worth all the suggestions it gave me that merited a "meh":

I'm gonna be honest, I have zero interest in the first suggestion. I'm sure it's a great movie but it's not my jam. The next suggestions made up for it:

My favorite actor, Befiratch Combersnitch?! Uh, YES PLEASE.

OK, so I already know and ADORE Princess Mononoke, so I now have even more faith in this site.

Emily Blunt is the queen of my heart, so I will definitely be giving this one a shot, too.

Conveniently the site doesn't just give these suggestions willy-nilly—it also gives you all the options for places you can actually find the movies they suggest, and a lot of them are on Netflix. You can even navigate the site based on your current mood or peruse through staff picks:

Basically, this site is the Batman of the internet because it is the hero we never knew we all needed until just now.

Images: Getty Images; A Good Movie To Watch, Giphy