What To Expect From Chris & Becca's Bali Date

There may only be a few episodes to go before The Bachelor season finale, but that doesn't mean there isn't still a ton of drama and romantic encounters left to unfold. In fact, now that we're getting down to the wire here, the pressure for these dates to go well has never been higher — thereby making them all the more exciting. And this week is no exception, which will find Chris and Becca going to visit a Balinese medicine man during their final date of the week. But unless you're very familiar with Eat, Pray, Love, you may be unsure what exactly a Balinese medicine man does and why our dreamy Bachelor wanted to incorporate a visit into the show.

Basically, Balinese medicine men, also known as Balians or shamans, serve as healers for both the mind and body, and can be split into two distinct categories. The first being the "balian taksu," who work as a type of medium, mostly communicating with the spirit world and releasing any negative influences that surround you. Then there's the "balian usada," who take on a more physical approach to healing, using "massage techniques and traditional medicines made from plants and animals." However, they too rely on a spiritual approach for extra help by incorporating visions and prayer into their rituals.

So what exactly does this have to do with a Bachelor date, you may ask? Well, it seems Chris and Becca will be relying on these healers' visions to see if they really would make a good match. Sure, it may sound a little too fortune-teller-y for your taste, but make no mistake, these guys are not full of cheap parlor tricks. Medicine men are very well respected and run legitimate practices that have seen stunning results — sometimes succeeding where Western medicine failed.

However, one of the most important things in regards to these sacred rituals is to go in with an open mind about the Balinese beliefs. If you simply write it off as "silly" or "untrue," you're not going to get much from your visit. Believing is key and really can make all the difference. So I'll be interested to see how Chris and Becca's future will measure up under such scrutiny. Do they have what it takes to achieve a happily ever after? Will secrets and lies come out of the woodwork? Could this possibly be how Chris finds out about Becca's virginity? (If so, it still better come from her and not anyone else since that's her secret to tell when she's ready.) And if they do get a bad reading, how drastically could this impact Chris's decision on who to give that final rose to?

All will be revealed in good time, but rest assured, this could definitely be the date that either makes or breaks this couple's romantic future.

Images: Terri Eddington/ABC (2); Giphy