Beck Really Doesn't Want a Fight, Y'all

Now that the Oscars are over, awards season has finally (finally!) come to an end. With last night's stunning Lady Gaga performance, Patricia Arquette's powerful acceptance speech, and John Legend and Common's moving words and music, most of us have already forgotten the awards of 2015's past. As much as we'd all like to move on from Kanye's antics at the Grammys, it turns out there are still plenty of questions floating around about his attack against Beck. While Attending Elton John's charitable Oscars party, Beck was asked by Variety about his feelings on the incident. His response was respectful, but showed that the musician is more than ready for the whole thing to be over, “I think the whole thing is… it’s just one of those things that plays out, like a top that spins, I really just try and not to take it personally.”

The Album of the Year winner continued by showing his respect for West, who earlier this month tore apart Beck's own artistry, “There are so many musicians who I admire and look up to and get inspired by and just when I think all the good songs that have been written already, and [then] someone goes and does something — and Kanye has done that many times.”

If I were Beck I wouldn't want to be in a "feud" with Kanye West either. Nevertheless, it seems like the issue is ready to be put to bed by Beck. As far as West is concerned....well, it's Kanye West. He'll either keep on the crusade or find the next opportunity to steal someone else's spotlight to make a "statement."

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to return to counting down the days until Adele releases her new album.