'PLL' Theories Hint At A Major Wren Reveal Ahead

Julian Morris may be busy stealing/breaking our hearts over on New Girl with Zooey Deschanel (who is about as different than the Hastings sisters as it is humanly possible to be), but could he have made time to come back to Pretty Little Liars as Wren Kingston, alongside Melissa Hastings? If he does, we know that can't be a good sign, especially as the Big A Reveal draws ever nearer.

We don't know for sure if Morris will be back — if he is planning a return, the show has done a pretty good job keeping it a secret, because as WetPaint pointed out, there's no word about Morris making an appearance in any of the remaining five episodes of the season. But the mere fact that one of the previews for Tuesday night's episode, "Bloody Hell," features Mrs. Hastings telling Spencer that she's going to stay with her sister and Wren in London is definitely enough to raise some red flags.

I mean, where did we even leave Wren and Melissa? In Wren's last major scene, he was hitting on Hanna back in Season 3, which was followed by a couple of brief, forgettable appearances. And the last time we saw Melissa, she was fleeing to London after dropping a pretty major bomb on Spencer (oh, you know, just the fact that she thinks that they might have accidentally worked together to kill someone and bury the body alive). So why are they suddenly back in the picture?

Wren Could Be "A"

There are so many reasons Wren could be "A" that it's frankly kind of overwhelming. Alloy Entertainment has 40 whole reasons — ranging from "A"s propensity for British spelling to the fact that Wren likes to sketch Vivian Darkbloome-esque girls in red coats in his spare time — but let's just focus on some of the basics. Specifically, the hint creator I. Marlene King dropped about "A" possibly being a character who was present in the pilot that has been swirling around social media like no one's business. Now, considering all of the people who have died/are most likely not "A" (unless you happen to be in the camp that one of the girls or their parents is "A"), it narrows the list of pilot characters down quite a bit... leaving Wren as one of the few possible "A"s.

Wren Could Be Beach Hottie

Hey, if the shoe fits... no, but in all seriousness, think about it: We never found out who Alison's Beach Hottie was. I mean sure, Ezra was Board Shorts, but what about Beach Hottie? It totally could have been Wren — he is one of the many Rosewood denizens with a penchant for dating underage girls, after all. Now, if he does turn out to be Beach Hottie, that opens up a whole new can of worms — it could mean he is (as previously mentioned) "A" or an "A" minion, and it would also connect him to Ezra, as well as Wilden and of course, Melissa. Which could explain their bond... which brings us to:

Melissa & Wren Could Be Collaborating On Something

Wren and Melissa have never made much sense as a couple — after all, he was always going after Melissa's own sister and her friends. Now suddenly we find out they're living together in London? And that they're willing to host said sister? Something's seriously not right.

It's hard to believe that the two of them have any semblance of a romantic relationship anymore, but it is possible that they have some sort of working relationship. But what could they possibly be working on? Is he "A" and she's his minion? Maybe she's "A" and he's her minion... or maybe neither one is "A" and they're just trying to protect Spencer. After all, last time we saw Melissa, she was trying to convince Spencer to run away with her — could this Oxford trip be a ruse to spirit Spencer away from Rosewood? Heck, maybe Melissa and Wren have turned over new leaves now and actually want to help her — you never know on this show.

He's In Love With Spencer

Hey, it's as plausible a theory as the last three — and heck, the way things are going right now with Officer Toby, she may soon be single. I wouldn't be surprised if Wren's feelings for Spencer never really went away.

We can second guess ourselves from here to the Season 6 premiere, but I think we can all agree on this now: Wren is a straight-up creep. A handsome creep, but a creep all the same — and you can bet that his motives are murky! At this point, it all just comes down to degree of murkiness.

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