Will Derek Hough Be On 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 20? He's Had A Change Of Heart

If you've been anywhere near the Internet, you already know everybody is talking about the new Dancing With The Stars cast. On Tuesday morning, the lineup for the show's 10th anniversary season was officially announced, including Willow Shields, Suzanne Somers, and Patti LaBelle, but the biggest surprise wasn't about the celebrities, it was about the dancers. Although he previously decided not to take part in this season, Derek Hough will be returning for DWTS Season 20, despite his run with The New York Spring Spectacular. So what's the deal? What caused this change of heart?

Fortunately, Hough turned to social media this morning to explain his decision, and it really is very simple. Nope, he's not caught in some crazy contract battle with ABC — he just couldn't fathom the idea of missing out on such a milestone season:

And as USA Today notes, Hough was paired with Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin — possibly because their current living situations are perfect for them to train together. While Hough is in New York working on the spectacular, Liukin is a sophomore at NYU. Is that convenient or what? Plus, they look super cute together, so I'm predicting they'll make a pretty good pair on the dance floor.

If Hough looks a little tired this season, cut him some slack. It's not easy living a bi-coastal lifestyle, even if it's for a reason you're really passionate about. The season doesn't premiere until March 16, so Hough should probably use the time between then and now to catch up on his sleep. He's going to need it!