Lisa Rinna & Kim Richards' Relationship Timeline Shows The 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Have A Long Way To Go

The new additions of Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were welcome in Season 5, as the series was ready for a bit of a shake-up. While Eileen has kind of just been there, Lisa R. has made quite the impression on the other housewives, probably because girlfriend knows how to get involved in the drama surrounding her. One housewife that Lisa has grown to get a lot of screen time regarding is Kim Richards, the turtle-loving OG of RHOBH. But what's the story behind Lisa R. and Kim's relationship on RHOBH ? Is Lisa R. trying to help Kim through her difficult time, or are these two just "Hollywood friends" (as Yolanda would put it)?

Lisa R. and Kim have run in similar circles in Hollywood for a long-time, so it is very possible that they could be considered "Hollywood friends." Both women have been acting in Hollywood for many years, and the chances that the two have run into each other along the way are very high. Of course, those interactions are probably very simple and don't involve drink throwing.

Looking at the relationship that Kim and Lisa R. have had on RHOBH, it seems as if Lisa R. is in the business of "fix it," as she has tried to give her two-cents to Kyle Richards about her sister's struggles with addiction. Let's look at what these two women have gone through in their RHOBH relationship, and guess what's in store.

Lisa Experienced Kim's "Wackadoodle" Behavior

In one of the strangest moments of RHOBH history, Lisa R. and Kim carpooled to Eileen's poker night and it took a very weird turn. Immediately upon getting in the car, Lisa R. questioned if Kim was sober, which Kim said yes to. Then, Kim started talking about things that didn't really make sense — I'm going to throw out the idea that a lot of this could be because of editing — and Lisa R. says Kim is "F***ed up." This behavior then led to a pretty ugly fight between Sisters Richards at the party.

Lisa Has Inserted Herself Into Kim's Addiction Issues

Lisa R. has been very vocal about her worries about Kim's past. Lisa discussed her experiences with family members who have died from alcoholism and drug abuse, so she feels as though Kim's situation really hits close to home. Kim doesn't understand why Lisa R. is worried about her, stating people shouldn't mistake her "sadness for weakness."

Kim Has Accused Lisa's Husband Of Cheating

In an ugly turn of events (that we'll see post- Amsterdam), Lisa R. and Kim have another confrontation regarding Lisa's husband Harry Hamlin. According to Radar Online, Kim accuses Harry of allegedly being unfaithful to Lisa R., and Lisa completely loses her usually poised cool. If you remember back to the trailer for the season, Lisa R. throws a drink at Kim and tells her to never go after her husband. So it looks like these two women aren't going to make amends that easily.

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