'Avengers: Age Of Ultron's Poster Is Here, But What's With Its Depiction Of The Black Widow? — PHOTO


Superheroes are everywhere these days, but there's really nowhere where in the movies there are more of them in one place than in the Avengers movies. That's especially apparent in the new poster for  Avengers: Age Of Ultron , which is stacking superhero on top of superhero and literally had to shrink a bunch of them down to even make room for them all. And the billing here already looks like a teaser for Captain America: Civil War — Chris Evans' Cap up front, Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man right there behind him, everyone else in the background.

It actually seems like a nice step for Marvel to not have Downey Jr. take top image billing here — it's possibly a nice (and sad) nod to Evans' waning days in the role, and what I'm expecting will be quite the emotional goodbye come Civil War. Of course, I hope it's also an acknowledgement that it's not in Marvel's best interest to keep Downey Jr. as their main mascot forever and always.

In the meantime, Black Widow's all shrunk down with Hawkeye in the corner there, which is kind of a bummer and seems like a strange decision given that the trailers seem to indicate that we'll be seen a lot more about Natasha Romanoff's origins in Age Of Ultron. In fact, this is something that Whedon himself has said, so it's kinda sketchy that they're playing it like she's some fringe character:

So why doesn't the poster reflect that? If you ask me if should be her, Tony, and Cap side by side in that forefront.

Other points of interest from this poster: Anthony Mackie's mentioned, which is nice confirmation that he'll be around. Also featured here is Vision, floating up there in the back. Marvel will never be done teasing us.

Image: Marvel