Dr. Scholl's Debuted A Seriously Chic Collection

Whether we like to admit it or not, there's a little (but loud) part of our brains that likes to remind us when a certain brand is no longer cool or 'trendy.' Sometimes we ignore the stupid voice, but other times we listen too much... to the point where we start associating certain brands with old styles or outdated looks. We begin to dismiss them without even taking the time to look at their new offerings. But we're really, really wrong here, guys. Because if you haven't paid attention lately, some formerly "uncool" brands are transforming themselves in major ways and producing items that we all need to have in our closets ASAP. Dr. Scholl's recently debuted a new line of shoes that are surprisingly cool and, I'm guessing, super comfortable as well. I don't know about you, but a cute shoe with a promise of being walkable and wearable? Count me in.

Coach, unlike Dr. Scholl's, has been in the process of evolving its brand for a few years now —high-fashion ads, big name designers, and on-trend designs are only the beginning. Sure, you may have heard about the brand's changes, but have you actually taken a chance to look at the product? You might be surprised. And New Balance? New Balance is everywhere when it comes to street style lately. Unlike Dr. Scholl's and Coach, New Balance has simply stuck to what they've always done — and it's somehow become ultra-trendy again. Funny how that works, right?

From Dr. Scholl's to Coach, here are 3 brands that are re-inventing themselves in surprising ways. Pay attention, all. Your wardrobe will definitely thank you.

Dr. Scholl's Then & Now

Dr. Scholl's are build for comfort. Remember the clunky, clog-like, buckle-heavy slip-ons? These may ring a bell or two.

Ah, the memories. But Dr. Scholl's shoes don't look like that anymore. Well... most of them don't, anyway. One of the best ways Dr. Scholl's is evolving and creating cute product? Booties. Booties are a staple for most every girl's wardrobe, and Dr. Scholl's is making pairs that are both super comfortable AND cute. Oh, and their new sandals? Surprisingly chic.

Coach Then & Now

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Ah, remember that repeating 'C' logo pattern? Hard to forget, right? Well logos and bling are no longer part of Coach's current aesthetic. Instead, think amazing quality bags made out of beautiful material (and you pay for it too — Coach bags are no longer as 'affordable' as they once were) that go with any and every outfit you see in Vogue. And not just bags, too. Coach is making some gorgeous apparel (especially coats) now, too. So chic.

New Balance Then & Now


New Balance has been around for what seems like forever, but the brand's sneakers haven't always been considered stylish. Sure, at one point in the past they were cool, but since then, they've had their fair share of ups and downs like any brand. But they're back! When I recently mentioned to my boyfriend that I wanted to buy a pair his response was, "Wait, aren't those the kind of nerdy sneakers?" Maybe that's what they were in the past, but they couldn't be more trendy now.

New Balance shoes aren't just for the gym anymore. Now they're pretty much everywhere when it comes to street style. Simply search them on Pinterest and you'll find a million ideas of how to style the shoes.

See? SO cool.

It might be time to revisit these old favorites.

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