12 British Style Stars Worth Knowing — From Florence Welch To Cara Delevingne

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It's pretty much common knowledge that the special diplomatic relationship between the U.S. and the U.K. extends far beyond purely politics. Whether looking "across the pond" means gazing east or west, the popular cultures of each nation certainly influence and inspire one another — especially when it comes to fashion.

Designers, models, and pop stars — the United Kingdom has no shortage of fabulous fashion inspiration. Perhaps it’s the mix of the tradition, the punk rock heritage, and of imported cultures that makes British fashion so hard to replicate elsewhere. From the classic look of Kate Middleton to the grungy edge of Kate Moss, it's hard to pinpoint just who and what defines British style. Should it be defined by gilded gowns or ripped jeans? High Street or Camden Market? Hunter boots or Doc Martens?

Whatever the case, it is clear to see that each British style star possesses an inherent, made-in-the-U.K. coolness that virtually every American yearns to replicate. On the heels of London Fashion Week and the 2015 Brit Awards, it seems as though these British style icons are everywhere — so why not take a look at some well-known women who do British style best?

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