'Big Brother 15' Twists Could Remove Floaters From the Game. But Is That a Good Thing?

I despise floaters on Big Brother, even though I would totally be one if I were on the reality series. It's a tough game — having to balance the desire to win with breaking off relationships is difficult for people pleasers like myself. Still, as much as I could identify with Big Brother 13's Adam or Big Brother 14's Joe, I am relieved to hear the CBS series is making moves to force Big Brother 15's players to make moves.

Though we still don't know what that airplane theme is all about, CBS revealed two twists for the upcoming season: Not only will three players be up for nomination each week, but houseguests will be able to vote for one MVP a week, who will come equipped with special powers.

The twists up the stakes in several ways: Not only will three nominations lead to more backdoor eliminations, but floaters will be marginalized, making it a much less attractive option for players. But as much as floaters bother us on Big Brother, are they worth throwing a life vest?

After all, floaters provide many things for Big Brother viewers:


Because nothing's funnier than when a floater finally decides to make a big move... and fails miserably. (See Big Brother 13's Lawon.) Also, since floaters very rarely pick up Head of Household wins — and are typically bad at everything from strategizing to socializing — they're the most likely to don spandex or an elf suit. This is especially funny, since they're never as funny as they think they are. Also, if not for floaters, we wouldn't have this now-classic Big Brother 15 moment.


Floaters are irritating, but they're also often the only reason our favorite contestants stay on Big Brother. They're moldable and easy to deceive — they'll do your evil bidding if only for a chance to eat potato chips in the Head of Household room with the cool kids. Without floaters, our favorite contestants are at risk for elimination, making way for the more likable, more boring contestants to win. And can you imagine if last season had come down to Ashley and Wil? Snore.

Someone To Hate

Over the course of three months, it's guaranteed something your favorite Big Brother contestant will do will piss you off. But floaters are always a good reminder that he or she could be much, much worse. He or she could be Big Brother 8's Zach.

Image: CBS