T. Swift Reveals Why She Showed Her Belly Button

Never have I ever read or talked about a belly button so much in my life, and I have Taylor Swift to thank for that. You know how she doesn't often show her belly button which lead people to believe that — gasp! — she might not have one? Well, Taylor Swift opened up about why she showed her belly button in that boat photo with Haim on Instagram, and it wasn't just to prove she has one.

In an interview with Radio 1, Swift said she didn't want the paparazzi making money off of her navel. This is not a joke, and, yes, nowadays the photogs can make money off of anything — including Taylor Swift's belly button.

The singer explained to radio host Nick Grimshaw, while appearing with her friend Ed Sheeran, that she and her friends were having a great time in Hawaii. However, once they learned that the paparazzi were following them, the trip's dynamic changed. She said,

My security gets out the binoculars and sees that they have a huge long lens camera. At which point, we go back to the beach and realize, "OK, so they got pictures of us in our bikinis." I don't want them to make, like, $100,000... for a bikini shot. And so we're like, "Get up on the bow of the boat: we're taking better bikini shots so that they don't make as much money on theirs."

There you have it. She didn't want those pesky photographers making money off of her in a bikini, so she beat them to it! Now, let's hope we can stop talking about her belly button because, clearly, it exists, and who knows, there just might be some more important things in the world we should be concerned with...