Get Ready, Because All Saints Handbags Are Coming

Leather jackets are a quintessential wardrobe staple, especially for me. I love All Saints' cropped and fitted versions, so I did the seal clap when I found out that All Saints is launching a handbag line. It's not a small collection: The brand is introducing a whopping 48 bags, broken down into four families. They are named after streets near the company's East London HQ and are inspired by the brand's leather jacket history.

The collection will be available in July and it's around the same price point as a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, with prices ranging from $350 to $498. The bags will come in black, tan, and gray hues and the construction will be lightweight. Skins, as opposed to hardware, are the focus. That makes a world of sense, since the bags are leather jacket-inspired and, while I love a good cut or silhouette, it's the supple feel of the leather that I notice most.

WWD got the scoop about some of the styles, and there will be a bucket, a fold-over crossbody, and fleur-de-lis tote with a chain handle and side pocket.

This is the first bag that I've seen, as well.

I've got five styles or details I hope to see and how I'd wear them!

1. Mid-Sized Hobo

I love to tuck a mid-sized leather hobo under my arm for when I travel to L.A. I like a hobo, even with its unfortunate name, since you keep it close to the body, which is good when traveling. Plus, the leather would get beat up and weathered in a unique way.

2. A Rectangular Wristlet

How amazing would that be? Wristlets are so low-maintenance but chic, so how about a rectangular one, in a rich, slate-colored leather with secret, concealed zippers that is so, so soft to the touch? Wristlets are my go-to when I know it's going to be a late night and I want to be unencumbered by... stuff.

3. A Slouchy Sack

Sometimes, I need to carry a lot of stuff. A roomy, slouchy, and soft tote of significant size, for a handbag, at least, with lots of inner compartments is perfect for long days in the city when commuting and I need to juggle a tablet, a book, scarves, and more. Since the line focuses on the fabric and not the other details, this is the perfect scenario for such!

Even if All Saints doesn't create any bags of these styles or for these purposes, I will certainly be shopping this range. I hope it has bowling ball bag, barrel, and backpack styles, too. Hurry up, July!

Images: Giphy (3); All Saints (1)