Gayle Forman's 'I Was Here' Movie Rights Bought By Team Behind Her 'If I Stay' Adaptation

Is there any Gayle Forman novel that is not in the process of becoming a movie? New Line bought the rights to a movie adaptation of I Was Here , Forman's latest young adult novel, which will be a reunion for the production company and the author. New Line was behind 2014's movie adaptation of Forman's If I Stay, starring Chloë Grace Moretz. Oh, and don't forget that just last fall, Universal Pictures bought the rights to Just One Day and its sequel Just One Year , and the company aims to make one giant movie love story of the two books (Just One Movie?). So yeah, Forman is on a roll.

And perhaps the big news within this big news is that Forman herself has signed on to executive produce the movie. (Fist pumping time.) Andrea Johnston from New Line will oversee the project.

Forman has described her novel I Was Here as a suicide book that isn't about suicide.Teenage Cody's best friend Meg — the life of the party, so full of spirit — just committed suicide, to Cody's complete shock. And Meg's death has this echoing effect through everyone that has been connected to her. But Cody, who doesn't truly believe that Meg would just take her own life, sets out to solve the "mystery" behind her friend's death, and she discovers along the way that there are no easy, satisfying answers to things like this.

Recently, Forman spoke out to TIME magazine about I Was Here and why teenagers crave "dark" topics, such as suicide, in their YA literature.

Literature swims in the murkier waters of the human condition. Conflict and matters of life and death, of freedom and oppression—it is the business of books to explore these themes, and the business of teenagers, too.

In addition to If I Stay, New Line is the production company behind the spectacularly massive Lord of the Rings trilogy, every person's favorite cry-fest, The Notebook, and the cult favorite Love & Basketball, among dozens and dozens of other movies. The company will also pair up with MGM to adapt JoJo Moyes' novel Me Before You. Recently, New Line and Johnston got into the YA game by obtaining the rights to Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Boys .