Kris Jenner Boyfriend Rumors Kick Off With None Other Than 'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik

What is it with Kris Jenner and men with terrible hair? After Kris and Bruce Jenner's separation was announced on Tuesday, the rumors about who the Kardashian empress would date now that she's single started flying, but I have to say, this is by far my favorite. Because of an Instagram photo, people are wondering if Kris Jenner and Bachelor Ben Flajnik are dating. Amazing.

Bachelor Ben told Us Weekly that the rumors simply aren't true — he went on her talk show a few months ago and she and Kardashian stage-5 clinger Jonathan Cheban toured his winery a while back — but that's apparently as intimate as things ever got.

Ben explains that he's surprised he's caught up in the crossfire of the Jenner divorce drama, but still, you know he's loving the implication that he and Kris are an item, and so do I. It's the best pairing I can think of — he's a D-list reality star looking to become more famous, she's made D-list reality stars into worldwide names; he's got one of the worst mops in the world, she's used to men with awful hair cuts; he probably wishes he could be Kanye West's best friend, so does she; he's a winemaker, and she's been accused by her family of being an alcoholic... — see? Match made in heaven.

While the Kris/Bruce split is pretty sad, the dating rumors that will surround Kris are definitely something to look forward to. Bachelor Ben was a great place to start, but come on Internet, we can do better. What about Kris and... Kris Humphries? Or Kris and Ari Emanuel? Kris and Ryan Seacrest, Kris and Michael Strahan, Kris and one of MTV's Teen Moms... the possibilities are endless.

Thanks be to Ben, for kicking off this amazing rumor mill of Kris Jenner boyfriends.

Image: KrisJenner/Instagram