Bobbi Kristina Has Been Taken Out Of Her Coma

It's been nearly a month since Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in her bath tub, and although she's been fighting for her life, the news and reports surrounding her condition have been anything but drama-free. The most recent update we had on Bobbi's condition was last week, when reports surfaced that she underwent a tracheostomy to prevent an infection from the breathing tube. The "family sources" have been fairly accurate with the media, and after telling E! News that they were taking steps to take her out of a coma, People is reporting that the family has, in fact, taken Bobbi Kristina out of the medically induced coma she has been in for the past month.

Although this step might seem like a very positive thing, it was made clear by the source that Bobbi Kristina continues to remain on life support and that her condition is still considered to be sever. The source continues, "We're all hoping and praying that this will give us some answers." So, what would be the reasoning to take her out of a coma? PEOPLE spoke to a professor of NeuroCritical Care at Georgia Regents University, where he explained,

They take them off a medically induced coma for two reasons – because the underlying problem has improved, or to simply get a sense of what the patient is able to do for themselves.

The professor also shared that one bit of recent good news is that they went ahead with the tracheostomy, which means that she passed any tests that would indicate brain death. The slight glimmer of hope doesn't still come with reservations, the professor Dr. Ramesh continues, "She still could have a devastating injury, though."

Perhaps the only unwavering fact in this whirlwind month of conflicting reports is that her family has been wholly devoted to being by her side and never giving up hope for her recovery. Because of Bobbi Kristina's still critical condition, it was just announced that her father, Bobby Brown, would be postponing the Australian leg of his tour to remain by his daughter's side.

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The family is also trying to avoid any drama with Nick Gordon, who is currently at odds with Bobby Brown and has reportedly been banned Gordon from visiting Bobbi in the hospital. Gordon had previously posted on his social media that he respected the family's wishes, but recently went on a Twitter tirade attacking Bobby Brown and his neglect of his daughter in the past. While I understand that Gordon is obviously frustrated at the current situation, the woman he loves is fighting for her life and all of this negative drama should be controlled in respect of her status.

Speaking of the drama with Gordon, the family source shared with PEOPLE , "We are leaving the investigation in the hands of the authorities. Our focus has always been Bobbi Kristina's health and recovery. That's all that matters to us right now."

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