Kris Jenner Comments on Bruce Split & Accidentally Shows Us She's Human

Perhaps it's just all that money in the bank keeping her so blissfully sedated since her split with husband of 22 years but regardless — according to the momager herself, Kris Jenner and Bruce are "happier" post-separation. This Kardashian Krisis is turning out to be a real disappointment, krisis-wise. I guess Khloe and Lamar are filling the drama quota this year. At least Keeping Up With the Kardashians won't be lacking plotlines next season.

"I don't think it was the pace of life. We've always gone 150 miles per hour, and Bruce has more energy than anybody," Kris told People regarding speculation that their split was due to Kris's wish to have cameras follow her every single move ever, and Bruce's wish just to have a putting green in his goddamn own backyard. "I just think it has evolved. I really can't put my finger on it. We're just happier now."

Apparently, the two found that they were able to get along much better this past summer when Bruce began staying in Malibu (something that was showcased in this season of KUWtK) while Kris stayed in Hidden Hills. It was then that they decided to amicably split, because they were happier just as good friends.

"There was a definitely shift in the way we treated each other...we will always be the best of friends, because that's the dynamic of our relationship. We definitely get along as a family and with kids; we're so connected in that way. We love each other."

In short — the two are separated, they're happy, and everything is wonderful. Move along, nothing to see here.