Should Lady Gaga Play Herself On 'AHS'?

I really thought that Lady Gaga was trolling us, but, nope — this is really happening. Lady Gaga is officially heading to American Horror Story for the show's fifth season, which, according to the "Born This Way" singer herself, will be titled American Horror Story: Hotel.

We officially live in a world where Lady Gaga wants to horrify us and while I'm just as surprised by the news as any AHS fan, I'm also quite excited. The series needed some serious shaking up after what many fans found to be a lackluster Season 4, and Lady Gaga is nothing if not a culture shaker. Now that we know that she'll make her debut on the anthology series come October 2015, it's only a matter of time before we get wind of what sort of character she'll be playing on the new season. My idea? That Lady Gaga will be playing none other than... herself.

It might sound a little odd for American Horror Story to turn Lady Gaga's persona into a new character, but it's an idea that might actually make a whole lot of sense for the series. Here's why the show might consider making Lady Gaga play herself on American Horror Story Season 5.

The season will be set in 2015.

We don't yet know what the series will be about, save for the "Hotel" subtitle, but we do know that the show will most likely take place in the modern day — a.k.a. a time where superstar Lady Gaga already exists.

Lady Gaga's way meta, you guys.

Sure, plenty of shows ignore the fact that their biggest stars have made an impact on pop culture, but considering how self-referential and meta Lady Gaga's work already is, it wouldn't be particularly shocking to see her want to play a version of herself on the small screen.

American Horror Story loves the glamour.

Many characters on the show strive for fame, glamour, and notoriety. On Freak Show it was Elsa Mars seeking fame at any cost, on Asylum Lana Winters became a renowned journalist, and on Murder House a slew of characters sought out the spotlight in the entertainment industry. Lady Gaga, an established celebrity, would fit right into this recurring theme — she writes about fame often in her songs and is a bonafide star with a bit of a dark side. What could be more perfect for American Horror Story?

Stevie Nicks did it first.

It wouldn't be the first time a character played themselves on American Horror Story. Stevie Nicks played herself as the "white witch" on Season 3, and it worked magically — pun clearly intended.

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