16 Laughing Animals Who Will Make You Laugh Harder

You know what's really good for you? Laughing. In case you, like me, need a reason to justify the unholy amount of Friends binge-watching you've engaged in thus far in 2015, you should know that laughter not only decreases stress hormones, but can actually help solidify memories. Basically what I'm saying is that you wasted all your time reading textbooks when you should have been going to Judd Apatow movies instead. Beyond that, laughter can also increase your immune system strength, protect your heart, and make you more attractive. When you tally it all up it seems kind of unfair that nature would reserve this life hack exclusively for humans. The good news is that it didn't: Animals can laugh, too.

It may be infrequent, and it may often be incredibly disturbing, but animal laughter has indeed happened, much to the delight and terror of humans everywhere. I haven't actually witnessed it happening myself (unless you count hearing my own laughter, which I am frequently reminded sounds like a violent chipmunk), the internet has fortunately done a great job of immortalizing the awkward instances of hearing animal laughter out in the wild (or in their own homes). Give yourself a break and watch this, guys. You all deserve it, and you probably need the laugh yourself. DO IT FOR YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Or because an attractive person might notice. Either way:

1. Behold this silly dog

Basically, this is you when the joke goes over your head and you laugh anyway.

2. This laughing cat

"Yes, human. Sneeze. Your immune system failure is quite hilarious to me."

3. This sassy bird

"You catcallin' ME? HAHAHAHAHAHA, girl please."

4. This hilarious horse

Science cannot really explained what just happened there so let's just call it laughter.

5. This ridiculously pleased dolphin


6. This chill camel

Just another day out with his mains.

7. This ticklish penguin

I'm going to need everyone to not move for a few seconds so I can locate my heart, which has fallen somewhere on the floor.

8. This highly excitable fox

Now you finally know what the fox says.

9. This amused owl

This is the first time I've ever been tempted to call an animal a "dork".

10. This rooster who cannot get it together

THIS RIGHT HERE is exactly how you feel when you wake up from a night out and you're still drunk. I have never seen a better representation than this.

11. This happy monkey

It's too precious. Staring at it for too long is like staring at the sun.

12. This confused goat

He is either laughing or aggressively asking for Hubba Bubble bubble tape.

13. This little duck

Oh, little dude. Don't ever change.

14. This pack of hyenas

People use the term "laugh like a hyena" for good reason.

15. This snorting lion

No judgment, man.

16. This compilation of laughing animals back to back to back