Lindsay Lohan's Brother is on Tinder and... Wait a Sec, How Did She Figure That Out?

Lindsay Lohan's brother Michael is just a normal, everyday modern dude of the 21st century. So it's not all that surprising that homebody has an account on Internet dating app, Tinder. The real question in this story is: how the heck did Lindsay Lohan find out about it? Because if Lindsay Lohan has a dating profile on Tinder herself, I think this is a classic case of burying the lede, you guys.

"Look who I just found on @tinderapp ... hey bro," the accompanying text went. So...if she "found" him, does that mean Lohan as an account on there as well? After all, Tinder is an app that connects people via Facebook — so you have to have both a Facebook account and a Tinder account to view the other folks on it. GASP! Lohan: how risky and un-celebrity of you. Just don't go around trying to catfish anybody, OK? Or else we'll have to add you to our list.

Are the men in New York about to have their game challenged? We're fairly certain it would take a very particular kinda man to handle Lohan, but we're less-than-sure she'd find such a catch on an online dating app. But prove us wrong, Lohan! Write that love story of yours whichever way you want to: life is just one big weird adventure anyway, right?

Oh and yea, while we're at it: good luck out there, Michael. Dating is hard. Dating in New York is even harder. But dating when your famous sister is putting you on blast? That might be the hardest one of all.